About MCRE and the Team

MCRE, a division of MySpace NYC, is a strategic partnership between the former M Properties Group and MySpace NYC Commercial.

M Properties Group was founded over twelve years ago to serve commercial landlords and tenants in lower Manhattan. As Brooklyn grew, MPG shifted its focus to the borough to help its underserved clients. Eventually MPG settled into Bushwick as its home market and has become the most active commercial sales and leasing team in the neighborhood. MPG brings over a decade of experience and relationships to MCRE with hundreds of millions of dollars in value transacted.

MySpace NYC started as a residential brokerage in 2009. Since then, the firm has become a premier brokerage and household name for home searching in North and South Brooklyn. Currently, their exclusive projects include one of the largest developments ever built (900 units) in Brooklyn, the Denizen. This was all made possible by their trustworthy brand, experienced agents, and unmatched cutting edge technology. In addition to its residential services, MySpace NYC has completed hundreds of commercial transactions using its massive amount of data points and deep understanding of the neighborhoods.


Max Lu has over a decade of New York City commercial real estate experience, representing owners of walk-ups to ground-ups.  He is regularly exceeding comparable transaction records and credits his success to in-depth research, effective use of technology, proven confidence, cooperation among industry peers, and, of course the MCRE team. Mr. Lu holds a B.A. in Economics and Business Management from Boston University. He is an active member of ICSC, the Urban Land Institute and AREAA. Don’t hesitate to connect with Max on LinkedIn.

Jeff Goncalves joined MySpace NYC in 2011 as a residential leasing agent. In 2013, Jeff shifted his focus onto commercial leasing, working side-by-side with MySpace NYC CEO Shawn Mullahy. Focusing solely on commercial transactions since 2015, Jeff has been involved with hundreds of retail, office and industrial leases, primarily in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights and Flatbush. Feel free to connect with Jeff on LinkedIn.

Hue Le started as a residential leasing agent and quickly became one of the top producers at MySpace in less than one year. She also manages and trains a team of product specialists at one of Apple’s highest producing stores. Her ability to quickly familiarize herself with all of the new products in great detail allows her to be an excellent tenant representative when searching under strict timeline and requirements. Connect with Hue on Linkedin!

As investment sales agents, the team's rare hybrid leasing and sales practice provides an unparalleled insight into the overall valuation of a particular site - knowledge that is simply required to unlock a property's maximum potential value.

"Even two spaces in the same building may require two completely different marketing strategies. The attention, and willingness to address these nuances, is what sets us apart."